Imagine having unlimited access to a fully equipped private gym with mountain and sea views… Sounds amazing right? That’s what we thought and that’s why we created the Train Marbella Gym for you! This gym is used during our training camps & or when you book your stay with us but everybody who joins our camps can use it unlimited outside of the scheduled sessions. The gym is just a stone throw away from your apartment and is the most fully equipped CF gym on the Costa del Sol

Kit list

When we say ‘fully equipped’,  we really do mean ‘fully equipped’!

The Train Marbella Gym gives you access to:

  • Concept 2 rowers, bike-ergs and ski-ergs x 12
  • Assault Air Bikes x 12
  • Assault Air Runners x 5
  • Competition barbells (15/20 kg)
  • Competition bumper plates and fractional plates
  • Competition kettlebells, from 12 to 48kg
  • Hexagon dumbbells, from 5 to 30kg
  • Technique bars and technique plates
  • Strongman equipment like log bars and axle bars
  • Resistance bands
  • Wall balls, from 4 to 12kg
  • Rig with rings and ropes
  • Squat stands and flat benches
  • Soft plyo boxes
  • Weight vests
  • Sandbags, Sand bails & worms
  • And more…

Below you will find a photo and video impression of our Train Marbella Gym. For more info about our camps, please don’t hesitate to contact us!