Besides organizing badass fitness camps, we also host competitions in Spain. It is our mission and passion to set up competitions in Andalucia that are accessible for a large group of athletes. The Estepona Port Games and the Andalucian Beach Games are events that are hosted by us under the name of Train Marbella Events and we constantly strive to improve and grow!

The competitions hosted by Train Marbella events offer a test of fitness where different elements are combined: the beach, the sea, lifting area’s, gymnastic skills etc.. We are on a search to find the fittest athletes in Spain.. and even across the borders! Combining fitness with community, positive energy, fun and entertainment is what we are all about..

Estepona Port Games 2020

The next event that is coming up is the Estepona Port Games – our beloved team competition! You can find everything about the EPG20 here!

Train Marbella Events Gallery

Are you curious what our events are all about? Check our Train Marbella Events gallery, or follow our social media pages: Marbella Beach Games and Estepona Port Games.